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Company Perspective


We as Dinamo,

seek of being able to contribute towards reaching the level of modern civilizations.


Our mission is to produce projects with an engineering approach, to implement in a dynamic way and to commit succesfully from a solution oriented point of view.


We act with the principle of producing quality work within the framework of the design and engineering services of automation and control systems that we realized. Therefore, our success criteria is to be able to satisfy our esteemed customers.


We also act as environmental consciousness while we took ​occupational health and safety to the first plan in our operations in this context.

Dinamo provides the continuous improvement of the quality of service that we offer to our processes in order to comply with the quality standards to be audited by our internal control mechanisms and independent institutions. 

We are living the justified pride of being able to perform quality that today require in our business area according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standard lines and committing to provide this level of quality.

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Dinamo as Registered Mark
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