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We live intertwined with control systems in all areas of our lives. The cruise control in your car, aircraft approaching and landing system of an airport, the heating system that keeps your home at the temperature you want, ventilation systems in a skyscraper, tank dispensing systems in industries, robotic arms at production lines and many other control systems are making our daily lives easier.

Looking up to the dynamics of Design; Control and Automation Discipline, which was emerged as a branch of applied engineering by generating knowledge and technology that lead to operation of all the electrical, electronic, mechanical and computer-based systems work in a planned manner, is improving everyday until BC III and gives direction to our lives.


Step response

Control System Design


The main purpose of the control system design, is to find a practical and technically realizable solution that exhibiting a desired behavior for a given process as closely as possible. In this regard, we as Dinamo, design control systems following these criteria;

  • Stably progress towards to the target

  • Reaching the desired goal as soon as possible

  • No steady state error

  • Robust to environmental conditions

  • Economic

  • Practical and applicable structure

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