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The demand to energy is asking not only for uninterrupted but also for permanent quality. Because of the structure of interconnected grid systems, the whole network is affected by quality problems. This obligates to detection and compensation of quality problems a narrow as possible to the source via energy quality systems.

Energy Quality Systems consist of analysers, which collect data from the measuring point and a software commenting on the collected data via diagrams, excel documents as well as special formatted reports. Abnormal conditions can be detected by limit violation to warn the operator and focus it to prior situations. The data can also be archived to for later uses or for generating any type of statistics.

Power flow can be calculated by using an Energy Quality Analyse System without any extra cost. The demand can be monitored point by point and reported for grid planners.

Energy Quality & Consumption Monitoring


We provide turnkey solutions for energy transmission and distribution plants as well as implementation, parameterization, testing, commissioning, maintenance, SCADA integration services and 3rd party system integration by customer specific software solutions.

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